My vision

is to build a fantastic site that could help bring people of a variety of music tastes together.

Because music is as wide as the food. Or the world itself. But as music fans, we probably all can appreciate how great musicians, song writers, composers have done their craft.

Musikmania is all about the music. I have created this site a couple of years ago as a blog but to help it grow, to get more traffic I needed to think of something more. That’s how it became what it is today.

Welcome to my blog

I’ve created Musikmania with a few ideas in mind. First, I always wanted to have an online blog but never liked blogging platforms like Tumblr.

That’s why the only sensible solution was to create a full functioning website. Although, I know how much of the new blogs fail because people don’t have as much to write about as they first thought. I thought about it a lot. I do not plan to fail but I also don’t believe anyone else plans for leaving their blog after a month. Apparently, planning was not the main reason for the majority of blogs failing. And probably it wasn’t motivation, either.


This is the place where I’ll post about my favorite musicians, songs and albums. Naturally, we all have our favorites. Soma call it taste. But I don’t really believe in taste in music.

Or at least I don’t think I have a taste for some specific style of music. Because I do listen and like all sorts of music from Adele to some songs of Taylor Swift, ...

Latest music news


David Bowie passed away aged 69

I just want to take a moment of appreciation for the legend that was David Bowie. In his music career exceeding 54 years he achieved unbelievable things.

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40 years to the Bohemian Rhapsody

Wow, has it been so long? 40 years since the release of arguably the best song in the history of mankind.

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The Beatles are now available on Spotify

Normally, I don’t post news about individual artists and groups but this time it is a bit different. In the perfect world, I wish all music would be available to anyone.

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