My vision is to build a fantastic site that could help bring people of a variety of music tastes together. Because music is as wide as the food. Or the world itself. But as music fans, we probably all can appreciate how great musicians, song writers, composers have done their craft.

On the blog you can find more about me and my daily activities. I don’t write there often because I don’t want it to get boring. So, only when there’s some value in what I am about to say, I’ll post it in the blog. However, I had an idea of starting learning to play a new instrument or learn how to create music with software. I’ll analyze the possibilities for writing on these topics long-term and if any of them seem like worthy options, I’ll probably start posting in the blog more often.

In the news you will get the latest and most significant changes in the industry of music. I won’t post much about the personal lives of musicians and their tours because we all have our favorites and, let’s say you like Ed Sheeran, you probably follow him on social media and already know where he will be performing as well as other details fans know. Therefore, most of the news will focus on global events and things that have an impact on music in general.

Favorites is where I’ll post my favorite musicians, albums and songs. It will definitely include The Beatles, November Rain by the Guns and Roses, but I’ll also post my favorites up and coming artists.

And if you ever want to contact me, which I encourage you to do, you’ll find how you can in the Contact me section.


2016 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift dominates Billboard Music Awards

2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Nicki Minaj kicks off the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards with a lively mash-up of her hits.

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards

2015 iHeartRadio Innovator Award - Justin Timberlake

Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song 2015

"Writing's on the Wall"(Sam Smith, Jimmy Napes) – Spectre