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  • 04.02.2016

I’ve created Musikmania with a few ideas in mind. First, I always wanted to have an online blog but never liked blogging platforms like Tumblr. That’s why the only sensible solution was to create a full functioning website. Although, I know how much of the new blogs fail because people don’t have as much to write about as they first thought. I thought about it a lot. I do not plan to fail but I also don’t believe anyone else plans for leaving their blog after a month. Apparently, planning was not the main reason for the majority of blogs failing. And probably it wasn’t motivation, either.

I don’t know what kind of a person are you but personally if I feel that something has small chance of surviving, I either don’t want to start with it in the first place or I come up with a way to increase the chances of survival. That’s why I didn’t limit to a simply blog but made it also with news and different resources.

As far as the news go, I’m honestly still figuring out what I want it to be. I understand that I will never beat the biggest music news portals like MTV or simply Yahoo Music and other similar sites. The other thing, I can’t also focus on individual artist news and gossip. Let’s say you are a fan of Madonna. Or Bruno Mars, I strongly believe you follow their social network channels like Facebook and Twitter and you already know the latest news about the artists you follow.

Therefore, the only sensible thing for me to do is to take on the news as I see them and report my take on it. Surely, not all news are controversial but some of it are and I think I could offer an interesting take.

I do have similar problems with the blog. My life is not really a thrilling adventure. That makes posting every other day pretty hard. I love what I do but there’s just not enough stuff to post about regularly. Therefore, I should either take on a new hobby, learn something new or just make peace with the fact I’ll only update the blog once a month.

I promise that until the next time I post for my blog, I’ll already age an action plan how to move forward faster and with more confidence. That’s it for now. If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Until next time.

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